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Let's look at an example of how our systematic approach to building your downline is going to greatly benefit you.

Let's say you were to join GDI alone (and not join us here at Team Smart GDI). Now let's say you were able to get an average of ten people per month. That is great! Seems like you're off to a great start. Now let's say six months pass by and half of those people are having a hard time signing people up. They have not even had one person sign up under their account. What do you think those people are going to do at this point? I can tell you what they are most likely to do.... Quit! They will throw in the towel and quit the system. So you were off to a good start, but now you just lost most of your downline!

Now, had your first five people been with SmartGDI, the next people would have started filling up your second level, your third level, and so on to your fifth level. So now the people who signed up under you have something to look forward to since they are seeing profits, which will, more-than-likely, keep them motivated to be with GDI for the long run.

You see, it doesn't matter if you have ten people in the first level of your downline or five people in your first level and five in your second level because they both equal the same amount in the end.

There is always strength in numbers and when you're part of a team that is focused on earning income through this system, the potential to profit is so much greater. That is what we proudly offer.

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