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So when you join the GDI system you have the option to add the Premium package to your Basic account. With the Basic account, you will receive 10% commission from each person in your downline, per month. That equals $1.00 per sign up, per month. The Premium package is where things get interesting. With the Premium account you will receive $15.00 per month for all people who sign up under your first level (as opposed to $1.00). Then you will receive $5.00 per month for anyone who signs up on levels two through five. That is a HUGE difference. Also, it's worth noting that you only receive Premium commissions from Premium members. So your downline needs to be a Premium member for you to see Premium profits.... pun intended

As I know from personal experience with GDI, your upline is ALWAYS going to encourage you to upgrade from Basic to Premium. I think it's rather obvious why... They will see higher profits! Now there is nothing wrong with that, except that it has to be accomplished when the time is right with a good strategy in mind. It doesn't make sense to join and become a Premium member right away. There needs to be a break-even point. We, here at Smart GDI, will pay attention to your progress and notify you when it is a good time to make that leap from Basic to Premium in order to really start seeing your profits go high. One of our goals is to have as many people in your downline upgrade from Basic to Premium.

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