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The GDI Compensation Plan

So the Basic compensation plan is a pretty straight-forward compensation plan. Let me take about a minute to explain it.

The way the Basic plan works is that you recieve 10% on all sales made through GDI that are obtained as a result of people going to your personal GDI page. 10%, in this case, equals $1 since the new client is paying $10/month. Now you also earn 10% on your personally sponsored affiliates sales, level 2 - 5. So, again, this is equal to $1 per person. You get this 10% or $1 every month your downline is a member of GDI. So a fully populated 5x5 matrix equals 3,905 people which would be equal to $3905 per month.

Now here is where things get much better. When you and your downline add the Premium package to your account. This is where the commission rates jump up. So when you upgrade to Premium you are now paying $50/month as opposed to $10/month. You’re paying the regular $10.00/month and $40.00/month for the Premium package. But here are the benefits. On the people who are in your first level downline, you will still receive $1/month, but in addition to that, you will also receive $14 per month from them. This is equal to 30% on the sale as opposed to 10%. Then on levels 2 - 5, you will still recieve $1/month and in addition to that you will recieve $4/month which is equal to 10% on the sale. So with a fully populated 5x5 matrix of 3905 people all signed up as Premium members, this equals $19,575 per month.

There are other benefits as well to going Premium, but this is the main benefit that really caught our attention. Now you could, when you first sign up with GDI go Premium right away and that is totally up to you. Although if you decide not to and just stick with the Basic plan, trust me, I totally understand because that is something I put a lot of thought into myself.... Do I sign up and go Premium right away or do I play it safe and just go Basic for now?? In the members-only area I give great advice on when to upgrade from Basic to Premium.

So... that is the compensation plan in a nutshell. I hope this helped you to get a better understanding of the compensation plan. In closing, Remember, we’re in a great system with lots of potential. Let’s make this happen!

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